Rajeev Kadambi


In this narrative I share my thoughts about teaching constitutional law (I & II) in the background of pedagogical challenges o inclusion that surface in an undergraduate class room. My purpose here is to portray challenges I encountered in whetting teaching Ath inquir in designing the curriculum, teaching style, examinations, and pattern in evaluations in a constitutionalaw course. Two aspects that underlie my concern are, how do we nurture lifelong learners who can persist nAth inquiry in their own pace? And related to this, how does the teacher' attitude teach more than his or her academic material? The aim is not to offerpractical recommendations and it takes into account w der source of creative inquiry and societal and human imperatives in classroom education especialy relevant in a subject as constitutional law which is prone to senous valuejudgments. In the end, teachers must acquire the ability to relate to all students and this can happen not by more knowledge about the subject but understanding rather how to think about new ways of knowing.