Apoorva Yadav


The article explores connects between the two aforementioned sgozisticaly similaryet different novels and socio legal discourse. It establishes that iterature has a lot to offer to discussions around law and society generaly and violence particulary. By humaniZing those whom categoes relegate to stereop0pes, Aterature invites law to confront the violence at its core; while also givng oppressed individuals and groups an engaging medium to make their dissent and sufferng known. The longeiy of kterature and its abiky to appeal to timeless values gives it a unique role in that it can restore popularfaith in the potential of the legal sstem to attain those values despite the violence and despair that charactendes the system at present. The article, therefore, is intended to be a tribute to Aterature generaly as well as an affirmation of its relevance to socio -legal studj.