Abhayraj Naik


This article deals with the nuances of the concept of 'forgiveness' and its role in shaping law and societal institutions. In the background of Aurel Kolnai's notions on the act of forgiveness, the author analyses the different conceptualizations of forgiveness. The logical paradox of forgiveness as formulated by Kolnai is considered. The article argues that the notion of 'divine forgiveness' is not vulnerable to this paradox. Hence there is a need for interpersonal forgiveness to adopt some of the premises on which divine forgiveness is based on. The critical interrelations between the concepts of forgiveness, patience and trust and their role in approximating interpersonal forgiveness with divine forgiveness are discussed.

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Abhayraj Naik, 'Imperative Values of a Logical Forgiveness' (2010) 6(1) Socio-Legal Review 101

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