Anupama Sharma


Public prosecutors hold a crucial position in the criminal justice system. They act neutrally to assist the court and produce the true picture of crime. Since victims are given a backseat by reducing their status from a ‘party’ to a ‘prime witness’, they rely heavily on the performance of the public prosecutor to win them justice. The paper analyses the standard of public prosecution office in India on the basis of three theoretical models provided by J. Fionda, i.e. operational efficiency, restorative and credibility models. Through this analysis, the paper highlights the deficiencies in the existing public prosecutor office and the resulting expectation gap, followed by suggestions to improve the deficiencies.

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Anupama Sharma, 'Public Prosecutors, Victims and the Expectation Gap: An Analysis of Indian Jurisdiction' (2017) 13(2) Socio-Legal Review 87

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