The International Journal on Consumer Law and Practice (IJCLP) is a blind-peer reviewed, open-access journal published annually by NLSIU under the aegis of the Chair on Consumer Law and Practice. Launched in 2013, IJCLP provides a forum for discussions on national and international best practices in consumer protection law. The journal welcomes contributions from academics, practitioners and students of law and allied fields. It features articles, essays and case notes on various themes, including but not limited to:

  • Consumer welfare legislation and its implementation
  • Consumer rights in the digital era
  • Technological advancements in the enforcement of consumer rights
  • Effectiveness of mediation as a tool to resolve consumer disputes
  • The need for an international consumer protection framework and policy

Current Volume: Volume 9 (2021)



The hidden harms of targeted advertising by algorithm and interventions from the Consumer Protection toolkit
Jeannie Marie Paterson Dr, Shanton Chang, Marc Cheon, Chris Culnane, and Suelette Dreyfus